who are “Struggling Stupids”?

Struggling Stupids is a Production House in India, based in lucknow that is created by a bunch of stupids’ who are determined to change the perception of the word struggle.
Struggling Stupids is the Best Digital PR and marketing company in India and this platform is a creation of two friends who started their journey from school till their professional life together and faced many struggle in their professional and personal life.
The idea of establishing STRUGGLING STUPIDS as a company came when they started sharing their motivational stories of rejections, failures and the struggle they experienced throughout and listeners started praising their struggle.

Struggling Stupids is Best Film production house in Lucknow, Delhi, Delhi NCR, India. It is a platform where people can come and share their stories of rejection, failures and the struggle with the world.

You might think why are we “Struggling Stupids”?

It’s simple to understand, until you reach the point of success in your life you are a STRUGGLER and every STRUGGLER is a STUPID in the eyes of the world.

Mon - Sat 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Sunday CLOSED